Champions Fútbol Club is a youth soccer organization focused on developing the athletes into well-rounded, competitive individuals, equipt with the skills to succeed at life’s challenges.

Champions Fútbol Club, aka CFC, is currently a member of the League 30 member organization and adheres to said organization’s rules and regulations. 

Our Coaching Philosophy:

At Champions FC, we strive to win with dignity and to lose with humility. We actively choose to work towards winning every competition we are in, but never at the cost of our integrity.

Our definition of competition is, the effort of two or more parties acting independently to secure the desired result. Securing the desired result is winning. This approach creates opportunities for us to train our athletes to manage the challenges of competitive sports. We believe that sportsmanship, comradery, and empathy are all byproducts of competition.
Our style of play is possession. This means not operating as individuals, but working together to maintain possession of the ball as a team. This requires developing strong critical thinking, a comprehensive understanding of the game, decision making, work ethic, and patience.

As coaches, we are challenged to identify and develop the objectives, design a training plan that gets the athletes to the objectives, and adjust objectives and training plans to ensure the continued success of the athletes, teams, and the club. Our athletes are challenged to absorb the training, speak up when having difficulty, and apply the objectives learned through competition.

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