As of December 23rd, 2018,  Champions Fútbol Club’s, CFC-03G-SH UYSA competition team has retired from state competition. This decision was based on a lack of participation in training and competition events.  Although this was to be a development team, the expectation of dedication to the training regime was the same as any other CFC team. The failure to meet this expectation made it impossible for the club to deliver the intended experience to its athletes.

All rostered players have met the financial requirements of the state and UYSA and are eligible to play in the Spring season.

So what’s next:

For those players that are interested in participating in the Spring season, UYSA will supply placement assistance by identifying open positions on 2003 UYSA competing girls teams. Players from CFC-03G-SH are free to approach teams to inquire on open positions and are released from any club restrictions on participating in training or events held by other clubs.

Please email Tracy at with your intentions by January 15th.

She will need:

1). Your team name “ChampionsFC-03G-SH”

2). Team ID “0430-01CG16-0681”

3). Full name “first and last as you supplied during registration”

4). Intention:

I would like placement assistance. My intention is to play in state competition during the Spring season” or “I would like more information on how to request a refund of my state competition fees. I am not interested in participating in the Spring season“.

This is very important, as you may be eligible for a state gaming fee refund, but your request must be submitted prior to the deadline of Jan 15th. We are told that the refund could about $30. This is the only potential refund available.

In closing, I must say that this was a very difficult decision to make, but we strongly believe it was the best for those girls who continued to show the drive and exhibit an eagerness to improve. The lack of participation created an unfair environment and was not in keeping with the spirit of our club. By disbanding the team, we have released those girls with the appropriate drive and attitude, to join organizations with teams better suited to nurture their development.

I wish you all the best and hope we were a positive element of your fútbol experience.

Sheldon Hinkson

Club Principal / Head Coach