Heading to the tournament championship game!

The 2003 Boys team won their semi-final game today and are heading to the finals for the Strikers Cup 2017. “They have trained very hard and deserve to be where they are right now. Hopefully, we can bring home some silverware. Fingers crossed.” says Head Coach Sheldon Hinkson.

Champions FĂștbol Club-CFC-03B-SH

16Jones Booth Goalkeeper
42Gabriel Hinkson Forward
8Ethan Lund Midfielder
19Zach Browning Midfielder
30Cameron Maas Forward
7Sergio Celaya Goalkeeper
17Diego Estrada Midfielder
26Jose Castllano Encinas Defender
5Marco Carranzo Midfielder
4Jackson Serr Defender
21Aiden Quintana Midfielder
8Alvaro Rubio Defender
22Conrad Kunzler Defender
9Isaiah Vlarde Forward
4Abned Negrete Midfielder
6Eddie Hernandez Defender

Head Coach/Club Principal: Sheldon Hinkson

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